May 2019 Release


On the Web App, our big milestones were simplifying permissions along with adding the ability to delete RsysConfig data and archive/unarchive SettingSync data. On the Creo App, we added: support for Creo, a new framework for logging (to help troubleshooting), the ability to assemble multiple levels of dependency, and a button on the ribbon for AutoDesignation.


Web App


  • Simplified Permissions: Now only 3 roles:
    • Users - Can view and access information
    • Collaborators - Can create, edit, archive, and delete information
    • Administrators - A collaborator that can also manage their organization’s users and licenses
  • Added ability for a user to edit their information from inside the application (name, phone, and password)
  • Fixed bugs related to Microsoft Edge


  • Added Ability to Delete Data
    • Unused core elements have already had the ability to be deleted
    • Master Catalog: Bolt Nuts, Fittings, Pipes, and Insulations
    • Specs: Piping Specs and Spec Projects
    • Archive capabilities also added for each of these objects


  • Added the ability to Archive/Unarchive SettingSync Profiles

Creo App


  • Added support for Creo
  • Added a new framework for logging - new capabilities coming next sprint
  • Renamed the deliverable DLLs to be named more consistently


  • Added ability to assemble multiple levels of dependency
    • Previously, AutoAssemble would only assemble two levels deep. Now, the application properly assembles all dependencies


  • Fixed a bug where the status icon did show properly
  • Added AutoDesignation button to the ribbon

To read more about this release on our blog page, visit here.