June 2019 Release



Web App


  • New Tooltips to describe permissions!
    • Now, if a button is disabled for any reason, tooltips quickly show you the reason why


  • New settings have been added (more below)

Creo App


  • New “logging” framework has been further implemented!
    • Better Logs = Better Debugging!
  • Made an internal tool, “Open Models from Directory” open access to everyone!
    • Allows you to open multiple models or drawings at a time, instead of one-by-one



  • New and improved User Interface!
    • Shows you “what is published” vs “what is not”
    • Now properly handles CSYS, Datum Planes, Axes, and Points
  • Significantly simplified the settings to configure usage of the application
  • Added ability to “publish” without creating a Publish Geometry Feature
    • AutoInterface no longer requires the Advanced Assembly Extension
  • Removed “Component Interface Features” for now - these will be re-added in another separate application in the future


  • Updated the copier to work with the new Publisher - improved performance
  • Added “Create SubAssembly” button
    • To auto-create a sub-assembly and a skeleton model in one click.
    • More configuration/options coming soon for this