August 2019 Release


This month we were busy making critical fixes and small enhancements across RsysConfig.


Web App


  • Better indications of Terms of Service changes
  • Design changes for a cleaner aesthetic
    • Part of a gradual design overhaul taking place in the coming months

RsysConfig and SettingSync

  • Better navigation with clickable, routed breadcrumbs
    • Added an intuitive back button to easily return to the previous page
  • Made it easier for users to edit items
  • Under-the-hood improvements for a faster and more responsive app
    • Shortened rendering time and smaller file sizes
  • Notifications to let users know data is loading in the background
  • Minor settings to allow organization admins to manage users’ privileges better
  • New tooltips to explain why certain buttons are disabled for users without the correct permissions

Creo App


  • Start PRT/ASM configurable from Excel
  • Create 2D drawing (DRW) directly from Excel
    • Mapped to its corresponding 3D model
    • Can be named independent of the 3D model
    • Ability to control which drawing template the drawing uses


  • Added ability to quickly create a sub-assembly, skeleton, and harness part all named properly