February 2020 Release


This month marks our first release of the 20s! We've been hard at work through the New Year making massive improvements in both RsysConfig and AutoInterface. For RsysConfig, we've added filtering throughout the app allowing our users to search and find spec-driven piping information quicker. In AutoInterface, we've brought in the same "dual-tree" functionality for Copy Geometry automation that we use for Publish Geometry creation. For customers that would prefer to host our products on-premise, we've also containerized our application using Docker!


Creo App


  • Change Import of Specs and SpecProjects to Use YML/Jobs and not Seed
  • Create Admin View for MasterCatalog
  • Scope PipingSpecs and SpecProjects to MasterCatalog
  • Add BRANCH_LET support to SetFittingData
  • Remove PipeInstanceDimension, FittingEndPort, etc.
  • Add mccs_code and stockno to PipeInstance and FittingInstance
  • Replace PipingSpecLoader with regular master catalog import/export


  • Get AutoInterface Copier to support compound designations
  • Copier GUI 2.0
  • Users can select individual components
  • Allow Export/Import Designation Map to be recursive


  • Setting Sync - Create setting for Auto-Download Profiles 
  • AutoAssemble - AutoAssemble can use Compound Designations 
  • Add a user's email to JSON to be sent to Zapier
  • Generalize Import/Export code to Importer/Exporter Classes
  • Changes to integrations endpoints 
  • Create a build for Creo 4 M090
  • Create a build for Creo 3 M130
  • Can't upload multiple instances of a "Reducer" due to size checking
  • SetFittingData not recognizing Ports on a Valve

  • Piping End Compatibility file not downloading properly

  • piping_spec_dir.csv not writing correct (front-end created) appearances

  • Designation can't have the Designation Delimiter in the name

  • Fixed various minor bugs

Web App


  • Add a search feature to Fittings
  • Add a search feature to fittings in Piping Specs


  • Fixed various minor bugs