January 2021 Release


DEV-2623 Config Profile Settings counts not showing up in directory view

DEV-2616 Install 'good-migrations' gem

DEV-2615 2021 Gem Upgrades

DEV-2614 Rename All Tables in the API to use new product/module definitions

DEV-2613 Drop Old Tables for Licenses, Org Licenses, etc

DEV-2612 Archive Old Migrations and install "good_migrations" gem

DEV-2611 Create new package for SAAB

DEV-2610 Filter "Add to Component" to only show stuff visible in the view

DEV-2593 Stop BOARD_THICKNESS measurement from using SIDE_A and SIDE_B

DEV-2589 Temporary Fix: Should be able to rename, edit (description), and delete Orientations, but not create them

DEV-2588 Add temporary "relative" CSYS for ECAD_PART_ZERO

DEV-2582 Add Model Template Upload for Sections

DEV-2531 Create migration wall for new product tiers

DEV-2530 Remove old "product" field from Setting

DEV-2529 Change category in Setting model to be nullable: false

DEV-2528 Add setting_category to Settings

DEV-2437 Filter "Add to ECAD Area" to only show stuff visible in the view

DEV-2434 Add to ECAD - Select View & Find Model

DEV-2215 Make a grid component for being able to search or create a parameter on the fly

DEV-2209 Make sure that SettingSync Parameters are counting ParameterProfiles properly through ParameterProfileParameters

DEV-2198 Create buttons to "Recalculate Compound Designation" and "Recalculate All Compound Designations"

DEV-2025 Set up FreshPing and FreshStatus

DEV-1882 Changes to integrations endpoints


DEV-2617 Geometry Copier not allowing for uncopy

DEV-2579 Piping Specs + Projects are unclickable

DEV-2578 NoMethodError: undefined method `<' for nil:NilClass

DEV-2566 ActiveRecord::NotNullViolation: PG::NotNullViolation: ERROR:  null value in column "has_module_piping" violates not-null constraint

DEV-2562 AutoDesignate Component Parameters Disabled with New Licenses

DEV-2556 Can't remove first letter from input panel for Note name



DEV-2580 Make Layer and Mnemonic Optional in Spec Projects

DEV-2577 Hide hidden_flag users from organization list

DEV-2567 Update role AccountStatus identifier to be three dots instead of one

DEV-2534 Check for “number of loops” in ECAD features - how many drawing sections are in the sketch?

DEV-2511 Update Add Notes to Components GUI to Include Status Icons

DEV-2508 Can the Component Note show the XY location associatively as well?

DEV-2451 Orientations should "refit" when creating in a new model

DEV-2332 SettingSync - Hide "Add Current to Database" if user has "User" permissions

DEV-1880 Main Profile Page in SettingSync needs UX work

DEV-1511 Add a Progress Bar to Synchronize when uploading a config.pro to DB