March 2021 Release


DEV-2647 NameError: uninitialized constant Admin::Piping::Catalog

DEV-2642 Can't edit any pipe families on the frontend

DEV-2639 Refresh "Piping" pages leads to "Lost in Wilderness"

DEV-2609 Multi-condition simprep ruleset doesn't update graphically on reorder

DEV-2607 Can't apply Model Parameter Profile to Drawing Template

DEV-2551 Fresh load of page leads to no data

DEV-2408 When adding a new NoteBlock, "Saving Data in the Background" notification stays posted3

DEV-2674 Piping spec files are writing with blank information

DEV-2292 "Undo" button not working in PRTs when CadActive app is running


DEV-2628 Add handling on Copier to not re-add existing ECGs, only new ones

DEV-2574 Add RsysConfig MasterCatalogUnitSystem form back to Settings modal

DEV-2509 Add support for Microsoft Edge as a browser

DEV-1869 "No License" Label?


DEV-2052 Add the word "CADACTIVE" to the login/registration page

DEV-2671 Create frontend Copy button component

DEV-2666 Write tests for Config Profiles copy endpoint

DEV-2665 Add amoeba functionality to Config Profiles model file

DEV-2664 Add amoeba functionality to Model Templates model file

DEV-2663 Write tests for Model Templates copy endpoint


DEV-2635 API Deep Clone

DEV-1767 Synchronize - User Onboarding

DEV-11 Piping