May 2021 Release


DEV-2731 Publisher Setting Display Bug

DEV-2725 Copier won't copy geometry when only surfaces are published

DEV-2724 Cancelling out of Exporting Component Parameters still brings up Save menu

DEV-2723 “Model Parameter Report” only works on ASMs

DEV-2722 AutoCabling -> Change Cabling Directory doesn't work

DEV-2718 Config.Pro upload GUI in Creo P still showing each setting twice

DEV-2716 Publisher creating “not fully defined” glyph for every PG feature that isn’t a surface

DEV-2712 __CxxCallCatchBlock

DEV-2708 duplicate setting listed in the

DEV-2504 "Update Location" not working after renaming features (Geometry Copier)


DEV-2709 Uploader should be able to handle and config.sup files

DEV-2650 Create Copy Geometries from a list of Selections to "anything" - include both surfaces and datums

DEV-1782 Add duplicate handling for AutoInterface

New Feature

DEV-2679 Button in the "tools" dropdown to "Repair Groups"

DEV-2677 Add setting for "Allow Copy of Unpublished Geometries"

DEV-2649 Create Copy Geometries from a list of Selections to Surfaces (manual user-select surfaces -> ECGs)


DEV-2717 Remove the “Select Directory” button for now

DEV-2713 Model Builder → File > View in Dashboard gives 404 error

DEV-2707 Published Feature Organization Bug

DEV-2706 Batch Import/Export removal in Designator

DEV-2599 Handle logic for multiple_allowed