The RsysConfig Interface

The first page upon login that you will see is the dashboard.  Its layout is straightforward.  


The right side has a listing of recent release notes for the CadActive tools. An individual notes can be clicked to open a pop-up with the full text for the note.   The middle section has some useful links for getting started with setting up your organization. These links can all be accessed by clicking on your user name in the upper right corner to access the following drop-down:

The left panel holds the links for accessing the piping data. 

Let's look at a typical tabular data page like the Sizes page.

Columns can be sorted or filtered.

  • Clicking the column label on the right side of the header once will sort the data in ascending order. Clicking a second time will sort the data in descending order. Clicking a third time eliminates the sort. 
  • Placing the cursor on a column header reveals a gear icon as shown.  Clicking on the gear icon reveals a drop-down for a searchable filter for the column.
  • All sorting and filtering applied to the table is lost when you navigate away from the page.

Modifying Tabular Data

The existing data can be modified just by double clicking in a cell and updating the value in it whether the cell requires typed entry or has a drop-down. Tab can also be used to access the data in a cell.

To add data, one of "Add" buttons at the top left of the table is used to append empty rows at the end of the table. You must scroll to the bottom of the table to access the empty rows.  As data is entered for a row, the text remains red until all required fields are complete. Once a row is complete, the text turns blue.  Updates are saved by selecting "Save Changes".

The icons on the left end of a row and text color indicate the following:

Listed Data

On some pages the data is arranged in a list format, such as on the Materials page. 

  • The sort and filter controls for a list are located to the left of the items.  
  • The sort parameter is selected from a drop-down. 
  •  The filter controls might be drop-downs or text entry fields. Multiple filters can be applied at the same time.

In the example shown below, all the materials of type "Insulation" with "R" in their descriptions are listed.

Clicking on an item in the list opens a dialog for editing that item.