Creating a Pipe

To add a new pipe to the database using the RsysConfig web app, 

  • select the Pipes link on the left navigation pane.
  • Select the "Add New Pipe" button.

  • On the "Pipe Information" page,  fill in the fields or select from drop-downs for

Pipe Name - Name by which the pipe is listed and the root of the .ptd or .csv filename

Rigid or Flexible - Affects the behavior of the pipe when modeling

Circular or Rectangular - Shape of  the pipe cross section

Pipe Material - In the example shown, AB - Stainless Steel, is selected. Only materials designated as "pipe materials" will appear in the drop-down.  If a new materials is needed, select the "+" icon to create one. The fitting can be saved without selecting a material.

Minimum Segment Length - the shortest possible segment length

Maximum Segment Length - the longest possible segment length 

Maximum Overall Length -  the longest possible total length including all straight segments and bends

Minimum Number of Bends - usually zero

Maximum Number of Bends - Max number of bends that can be added to one pipe run

Unit System - Default unit system for the fitting

  • Select "Save" and the new fitting is created.

Next, see how to create pipe instances.