Spec Projects and Piping Specs

After building a Master Catalog, the next step is to build Piping Specs and Projects. 

A "Piping Spec" is a subset of a Master Catalog, which defines a set of rules related to a certain design. From there, a Spec Project is made up of a list of these Piping Specs.

So, for instance, let's say you and your design team are working on a certain project - a certain building, car, tractor, satellite, or whatever your design may be. You can define the rules for that design by creating Piping Specs - this will allow you to select what sizes of pipes, fittings, and insulations you are allowed to use.

Once these have been set up - you can very easily select and change "which project" you are currently working on using the "Select Spec Project" button in the CadActive tab. This will list the name of the project, as well as the Piping Specs that are currently included in that project.

Simply select the project from the list, and click the "Select Spec Project" button. From there, your Creo configuration will automatically be updated to use the desired information.