Some organizations need to be able to access the CadActive suite of applications while behind a firewall or not connected to the internet. It is straightforward to offline your organization's settings and licenses. First, you'll want to log in to our application while you have internet - if your company doesn't permit this, please reach out to and we can assist.


In the CadActive ribbon, select the "About" button and navigate to Tools->Create License File.

In the dropdown, select the "Create for Current User" and hit OK. In the Save License File popup, type $localappdata in the URL bar and navigate to the CadActive directory and then the config directory. This will save the encrypted license.dat file to this directory.


In the CadActive ribbon, navigate to the CadActive dropdown and select Settings.

In the CadActive settings popup, navigate to File->Save As.

From there, save the settings.csv file in the same localappdata->CadActive>config directory that we saved the license.dat in (above).