Geometry Publisher is CadActive’s tool for automating the creation of published geometry and interface features in parts. 


To read more about the CadActive settings that can be configured for the Geometry Publisher, check out Geometry Publisher Settings.

Instructional Steps

When the active model is open, Geometry Publisher can be accessed by selecting the icon on the CadActive tab on the ribbon.

When Geometry Publisher opens, it presents a dual-tree view of datums that are available to be turned into Publish Geometry on your model. Right now, you can publish any Coordinate System, Axis, Plane, or Point in your model. The publish-able datums in your models are shown on the left side and any datums that have been published are shown on the right side.

(Coming Soon, you'll be able to publish surfaces!)

When you select the datums (or groups of datums) you want to publish, you can simply click the button in the middle of the dual-view to publish them.

In the below example, you will see the example coordinate systems moved over to the right side in the GUI and the Model Tree Footer showing the Publish Geometry with the proper naming conventions.

To unpublish Published Geometries, simply select them on the right side of the GUI and click the  button. Any PGs that are unpublished will be removed from the Model Tree Footer.