RsysConfig Definitions

Size - A pipe or fitting parameter which is a label indicating the OD of the pipe or fitting port.  In the case of a rectangular pipes and fittings it is a label for the height and width dimensions.  Sizes can be arbitrarily chosen by the user, but usually industry or company standards determine the sizes in a master catalog.

Schedule - A pipe or fitting parameter which serves as a label which often indicates differing wall thickness for pipes of the same size.  Schedule can also be a parameter based on pressure rating or another factor deemed useful to describe variation between pipes or fittings with the same size.  For example, schedules 40 and 80 are common industry schedules.  A size 25A, schedule 40 steel pipe has an OD of 33.4mm and wall thickness of 3.4mm. A size 25A schedule 80 pipe has the same OD and a wall thickness of 4.5mm. An organization can opt to use simple schedules such as 2000psi or 3500psi if desired. 

Fitting Category - User defined parameters used to divide the Spec-Driven Piping master catalog fittings into groups for easier selection while inserting fitting models.  Fitting category labels are usually descriptive of the function of the fittings in that category.  Examples are valve, flange, branch, support, etc.  Fitting categories are mapped to icon files which appear in the Spec-Driven Piping "Insert Fitting" dialog.

Size, Schedule, and Fitting Category Icons shown in the Insert Fitting dialog

Fitting Code - A parameter required for fitting models which actually controls how Spec-Driven Piping behaves when a fitting model is inserted. The list of fitting codes is fixed and cannot be changed. See the following link for more detail:

End Type - A user defined parameter which describes the kind of end port for a pipe or fitting.  More detail is covered in the following link:

Material - Parameter describing from what a pipe or fitting is fabricated. In Spec-Driven Piping, there are two types of materials: Piping materials and Fitting materials.

Pipe Dimension - a combination of a size, a schedule, and a thickness value. The combinations of size and schedule must be unique for a master catalog.  

Master Catalog - a customizable library of all pipes, fittings, insulations, and the combinations of materials, sizes, and schedules applied to them. The master catalog defines the possible hardware that can be used by an organization in Spec-Driven Piping.

Pipe - a set of individual linestocks sharing the same material, bend and miter characteristics, 

Fitting - a set of fixtures sharing the same function, code, category, and material.



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