Why Spec-Driven Piping?

CadActive Piping helps organizations take advantage of Creo's powerful spec-driven piping module. Setting up the spec-driven libraries are a cumbersome task that CadActive Piping helps simplify and automate. The above blog post will help organizations and users understand WHY spec-driven piping is the BEST way to route pipes and hoses within Creo Parametric. Even with CadActive Piping we recommend any organization looking to implement spec-driven piping speak to us first, if you have not, please email support@cadactive.com

Process Flow

The above document guides organizations on the needed steps to get spec-driven piping implemented, in a flowchart.

CadActive Piping Settings

Before anyone begins using CadActive Piping, please review the above page to make sure the right settings are set for your organization!

Starting Out With Spec-Piping

Once your organization has a spec-driven library built out, here's how you can begin piping with Spec-Driven.

Updating Spec-Piping Library

When your organization makes changes to the spec-driven library, here's how to download the latest Creo text files and update your environment to the new library.

Additional Piping Links

Spec-Driven Piping Configuration Settings

There are config.pro settings that need to be setup in order for an organization to fully and easily take advantage to the power of Spec-Driven Piping.

Piping Folder

This folder contains all additional documentation about CadActive - Piping.