Once a customer, particularly a new one, receives the Electronic Software Delivery (ESD) from PTC, there is sometimes confusion on the setup. If Creo or its license server is not properly setup, there will be some variant of the below screen when a user opens Creo. In most cases, this is due to Creo's PSF file not being properly configured.

The PSF File

Creo is started based on the PSF file located in %(CREO_INSTALL_PATH)/Parametric/bin (see picture below). PSF is short for PTC Startup File. Open up the PSF with a text editor, we use Notepad++ but regular Notepad will suffice.

There are two lines of this file to pay attention above all else: ENV=PTC_D_LICENSE_FILE-=[LICENSE_IDENTIFIERS] and ENV=CREOPMA_FEATURE_NAME=[FEATURE_NAME] (shown in red below).

[LICENSE_IDENTIFIERS] need to be replaced by a full path to the license server/file. More information about how to set this up can be found (here).

[FEATURE_NAME] needs to be replaced by the Creo license name that you wish to run. More information about where to find this can be found (here).