Download the License File

If the responsibility of the upkeep of your organization's floating licenses falls upon your shoulders, here are the steps that you should take either to successfully update to a new version of Creo or to update your license file when renewal comes around.

First, go to Select Manage Licenses from the list of Popular Tasks.

From the License Management portal, type the Host ID of the server machine under Licenses, switch the radio button from "Zip" to "Text", and click "Retrieve".

**If you do not know how to find your Host ID, please see this documentation.

After completing this process, log into the server machine if you haven't done so already. Open whatever email service you use. It needs to be the same email address you used to sign in to You should receive an email containing two attachments:

  • lm_xxxx.txt
  • lm_xxxx_standard.txt

Unless you are using a Pro/ENGINEER version prior to Wildfire 2.0, download the first attachment (lm_xxxx.txt). Save the attachment somewhere you are confident that it won't be accidentally moved or deleted.

**A common practice is to create a "Creo Licenses" folder either on the Desktop, directly on your local disk (the "C:" drive in most cases).

Reconfigure Creo

To reconfigure a stand-alone locked instance of Creo, first navigate to the %(CREO_INSTALL_PATH)/Parametric/bin (see picture below) and select reconfigure.exe.

In the pop-up PTC Installation Assistant window, select the "Reconfigure Existing Software" and select Next. In the License page, remove the existing old license file (shown below) and upload the the new license file. From there, you can click through and finish the setup - now you have the latest license file.