Creating Your Organization

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Creating Your Organization

Navigate to and  select the “Don’t have an account?” 

Fill in your first and last names and create a password.  The phone number field is optional, but will be useful if we need to call you to provide technical support. 

Note that your email address is the unique identifier for your account and will be used for login going forward.

Once the account is created, the email confirmation page will appear.  Click the confirmation link in the verification email message that is sent to you.

Once the email confirmation has been completed, the crreate organization page pops up.  Enter the name and domain (optional) for your organization and then select "Create Organization".

Now, your account and organization are created.  As the owner of the newly created organization, your newly created account is by default an admin account.

Now, that you have your account, you can install the CadActive plug-ins and set up your organization.

The first page reached after login is your dashboard.  This page is your starting point within the CadActive portal.  It lists and tracks tutorials which you can take to learn about CadActive tools.  Recent release notes are also shown on that page.

Select the “Download Plugin” button to install the necessary plug-in you will need to run CadActive tools. 

To actually install the Cadactive Creo plug-in follow the steps in

Note the Intercom icon which is persistently located in the lower left corner of all pages.  If you have a question or want to contact us for any reason, click that icon!

- - - - - - - Creating Your Organization - - - - - 

Select the small drop down arrow or near your user name in the upper right hand corner of any page in the CadActive portal. Then select "Organization" as shown.

When the organization page appears, there will initially only be one entry in the directory - you, the owner.  Select "Invites" to access the tab for sending invitations to add users to your organization.

When creating initial invitations the tab will appear empty as shown.  Select the "Invite Users" button.

When the "Invite Users" dialog appears, 

  • enter an email address for each invitee in the "Emails" field at the top.  A comma or space separated list of email addresses can be pasted in the field or they can be typed one at a time. When a comma or space is typed, the address appears in the lower portion of the dialog.
  • Select a role for each invitee using the drop-down as shown.
  • Select the "Send Invites" button to send the invitations.

Once the invitations have been sent, they will appear as pending until the invited users accept  via the link in the emails sent to them and set up their accounts. The pending invites can be re-sent or revoked as necessary.

As the invites are accepted and users join the organization, they can be seen in the organization directory tab. The list of users can be sorted by role, first name, last name, or email. In addition, the list can be filtered by first name, last name, or email.  Any users who have been deactivated are not listed unless the "Show Deactivated" switch is toggled on.

To modify the settings and licenses for any user, click on the user name in the directory tab.  The "Settings" tab of the resulting dialog can be used to deactivate a user, change the user's role, or reset the user's password.  

Select the "Licenses" tab assign or delete licenses for a user.

The organization now has members with roles and licenses.

As always, please contact support if you have any issues!

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