While most customers use CadActive's cloud servers to host their databases, some prefer or require their database to be hosted locally. 

For on-premise or private-cloud solutions, CadActive requires the following items:


  • To virtualize our environment, we use Docker
    • Docker CE (version 19.x.x)
    • Docker Compose (version 1.24.x)

  • To avoid potential conflicts, it is recommended to set up a "stand-alone" server
    • No other programs such as the PTC License Server or Windchill should be hosted on the same server
    • Virtual Machines are allowed


  • Minimum of 120 GB of hard drive space
  • Minimum of 12 GB of RAM


  • TCP Port 3000 (Default for API)
  • TCP Port 3001 (Default for Web App)

Remote Access

  • To better assist with support, implementation, configuration, and ongoing dev-ops, it is recommended that CadActive Support be set up to Remotely Access to this machine (or, at a minimum, to be able to share screens remotely)