Updating Placement Location

Modified on Fri, 29 Jan 2021 at 12:31 PM

CadActive-Skeletons is a useful product for automatically tagging critical component interfaces and copying them into a skeleton model for downstream use. Often during a design cycle, the original component location changes and the copied geometry needs to be updated - this is easy to do with CadActive.

Updating Location

Using the Geometry Copier, we will copy all the published geometry from the components of SHELF_2_EQUIP.ASM (shown below) into the SHELF_2_EQUIP_SKEL.PRT.

Now, we will move the component HARN_CONN_TEST_BRKT.PRT to an different spot in the ASM. Since we created the skeleton geometry as EXTERNAL copy geometry, they will only update relative to the HARN_CONN_TEST_BRKT local coordinate system (outlined in red). 

In this case, the model tree shows CS-64, 64 being the unique ID path of the HARN_CONN_TEST_BRKT component within the context of the SHELF_2_EQUIP.ASM - this is a standalone copy of the HARN_CONN_TEST_BRKT.PRT local coordinate system. The 5 ECG features below it are positioned relative to CS-64, to ensure there are no external references.

We'll need to update CS-64 based on the NEW local coordinate system of HARN_CONN_TEST_BRKT, thus updating the 5 ECGs that are dependent on it. To do this, select the SHELF_2_EQUIP_SKEL skeleton on the right side of the Copier and right-click the HARN_CONN_TEST_BRKT and select "Update Location".

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