There are two settings that Model Templates call when users modify metadata or update models. You can view these both in Creo and in the web application, but can only edit them in the web application. They are:

CadActive SettingDescriptionSetting Value Options

Set Model Template Model Parameter As Designated

When True: The application will mark the parameter as designated so it can be recognized by Windchill.True/False

Save Model Template into Models

When a Model Template is selected or applied, how would you like to save the Model Template into the CAD model? Choices are:
  • Don't Save Template in Model
  • As Model Parameter
  • As External Data

Change Settings

Either a manager or admin for your organization must set your company standards. In the CadActive web interface, select Synchronize in the left-hand side and open the settings button (shown below).

Model Template settings will be 4/5 down the page, nestled within the Synchronize tab in the Configuration section.