The CadActive Designation Tool is for automatically designating components based off your company's standards.

Step by Step: 

First, there are some prerequisites.

A very important CadActive configuration setting must be set by either a manager or admin for the organization. In the CadActive portal, select the organization icon on the left-hand bar and then AutoDesignation in the Settings section. The two primary settings are as follows:

  • Designation Method 
    • Determines whether CadActive tools apply component designations by using Creo Cabling information or by using component parameters.  If you do not have Creo Cabling as part of your Creo installation, then this option must be set to off/false. 
  • Reference Designation Component Parameter
    • The name of the parameter that CadActive tools will use when the "Use Creo Cabling Designations" option is set to off/false.