Every Fitting Category is allowed to have an icon - this is the image that is shown in the "Insert Fitting" GUI in the piping module.

There are rules to the images listed in Creo's documentation... however... from our own testing.. we've found the rules to be a little different. 

Image Requirements

  • To fit properly on the "row", images should be 20 by 20 pixels
  • Use GIFs to support image transparency, as well as images with color 
  • The image does NOT have to be placed in the "<Creo loadpoint>\Common Files\M###\text\resource" directory! When writing the "fitting_category_map.ptd" file, you can actually point the image to be anywhere on your local computer

Luckily, CadActive takes care of all of the image and file path handling automatically! We offer an expanded list of "out-of-the-box" icons, and we're working on adding support for image "upload" and customization. So... stay tuned for more information!