Multiple Levels of Config.Pro Files

Creo Parametric has three layers of files that are used to set default configuration settings:

  1. Creo Installation Directory:This is a subdirectory inside where Creo was originally installed. For example: C:\Program Files\PTC\Creo 3.0\M110\Comon Files\text\ (or a variation based on the version and date code installed)
  2. User Home directory:This is the directory of the “HOME” environment variable for the current user. For example: C:\Users\<USERNAME>\
  3. Working directory: This is the directory that Creo is set to upon startup. Out of the box, this is set as “C:\Users\Public\Documents” – however, the default working directory may be changed depending on your configuration. A good way to check this directory is to click the “Select Working Directory” button while in Creo (File -> Session -> Select Working Directory)

These files are loaded chronologically in this order, which can be important. 

  • Let’s say that the in the installation directory contains a setting for “pro_unit_length”, which has a value of “unit_inch”. 
  • Then the at the user’s home directory level also contains this setting, but with a value of “unit_mm”.
  • If there are duplicate configuration settings found in the above files, the latter one will be used (aka, if a duplicates option is found in the working directory, Creo will use that value). So therefore, in this case, Creo would use the “unit_mm” value.