The Config Profile + Mapkey is to better edit, manage, and deploy files for an organization's users.

Step by Step: 

First, there are some prerequisites.

Either a manager or admin for your organization must set your company standards. In the CadActive web interface, select Synchronize in the left-hand side and open the settings button (shown below).

The Configuration settings should be about 3/4 down the page, nestled within the Synchronize tab.

The settings are:

SettingDescriptionValue Type
Force Mapkey ValuesIf true, mapkey values are loaded last - ensuring that a user will always have the correct mapkeys deployed by the organization. If false, any mapkeys stored at the user-level will be maintained.True/False
Creo Trail File Cleanup MaximumBy applying a positive value, CadActive will automatically clean up any extraneous trail files generated by Creo by keeping the # of newest files generated. By applying a negative value, this clean up is disabled.-1/1
Auto-Apply CadActive Config SettingIf true, any profiles will automatically have a "creotkdat" setting added to ensure CadActive applications still work. If false, the administrator can configure this to be a custom value, but is now responsible for ensuring it is added to all profiles.True/False
Default Configuration DirectoryThe location where SettingSync will write/deploy the "" file. NOTE: The user must have write access to this directory. Options are:
  • Working Directory
  • User Home Directory
  • Creo Installation Directory
Auto-Sync Config ProfilesWhen True: Allow updates to SettingSync profiles to download automatically. When False: Users must manually decide when to download changes to their profiles.True/False