Users can use the Creo application to download config profiles from the web in their current Creo session. Administrators/Managers can also use the Creo application to upload existing config profiles your organization may already have to the web.


Open Creo and navigate to the CadActive tab. Select the "Set Config Profile" button in the ribbon (shown below). You will see the tabs for both Download and Upload. In the Download tab, there is a dropdown for "Desired Profile", which will look to the web and see all the current config profiles your organization has. 

Once you select the one you want, you can "Set Profile". Before the application overwrites your existing, it will prompt you if you are sure. 

Once downloaded, it will overwrite the existing in the directory and change settings in your current Creo session.


To upload an existing into your database, select the Upload tab and open the you're looking to upload.

At the bottom, you can see a preview of all the Settings/Values and Mapkeys that are contained. Once you're ready, select "Upload". From there, a link to "View in Dashboard" will pop-up that will bring you to the web application to view/edit the uploaded profile.