Uninstalling CadActive

Although we hope that you'd never have to (or want to) uninstall the CadActive applications... sometimes things happen! So, in order to uninstall the CadActive application for PTC Creo... 

1 - Go to the "Add or Remove Programs" section of Windows. In Windows 10, you can get there by simply searching your applications as shown. 

Alternatively, you can also find the button by going to "Computer" - 

2 - Search for the CadActive application

3 - Simply uninstall the application. 

4 - All content should be removed automatically! But just to be safe, navigate a Windows file explorer to "%localappdata%\CadActive". Delete all content from that folder, and you'll be all set!

NOTE: If you are planning on re-installing... you may want to consider keeping your "cache" and "config" subdirectories