Now that we've exported and generated our component parameter report, see (here), we'll want to add and modify the component parameters and specific component instances. We had exported the model tree with two assembly components - TYPE and VENDOR. First, let's open the test.csv we exported in Excel. You'll see the model tree order with two blank columns for TYPE and VENDOR. If you want to add a new assembly component parameter, you can type it in the columns (starting at F).

Use the filters in Excel and/or the "find" command to get the excel report into a more readable place. Then add in values for specific component parameters and save the file (shown below).

Hopping back to Creo, we can import the file by going to the Designate Components button in the CadActive ribbon, Tools->Component Parameters->Import Component Parameters and open the test.csv.

These component parameters flow into your model and are already Designated for downstream use!