If you are receiving an error regarding the "Creo Platform Agent" or "Creo Platform Services", this is a good place to start troubleshooting.

Go to the Control Panel and look to see if the "PTC Creo YourVersion Platform Services" exists.

If it does exist:

  • Right-click > Change > Repair

If it doesn't exist:

  • Find your initial Creo Installation download (I was able to find mine in my downloads, but you may need to redownload the files from this link)
  • Find creosvcs_64.exe
    • [Downloaded Install Folder]\install\addon\creosvcs_64.exe
  • Reinstall

If it exists, but doing a repair does not fix the issue:

  • Uninstall the "PTC Creo YourVersion Platform Services" from either the Control Panel or from Add or Remove Programs
  • Reinstall using the steps detailed above

Relevant PTC Support Docs: