The "Cable Bill of Materials" is a CadActive tool that creates non-graphical bulk parts based on a harness/wire configuration. These bulk parts can be used to track individual wire and cable lengths in Windchill, in addition to being able to easy report on the total sum of a spool in Windchill.

To activate this functionality, navigate to Applications->Cabling->CadActive Cabling in the Creo ribbon. In the below example, we have a single wire connecting between two connectors.

Once that button is selected, we now have a non-graphic bulk part in the model tree that concatenates the ASM name with the wire name (HARNESS_CABLE) and (W-1).

This bulk part contains part and component parameters reported from the wire, such as length (CABLE_LENGTH or BOM_REPORT_QUANTITY), wire name (WIRE), and spool (SPOOL). If your wire length changes, you can simply re-run "Cable Bill of Materials" to update the bulk part information.