CadActive's Config.Pro Management involves both the Creo Application and the Web Application. Organizations can use this tool to better manage and deploy files to its users. 

Web Application

To navigate to the manager in the Web App, click on Synchronize in the left hand panel, then Config Profiles (shown below). 

If we want to change any one of the three existing config profiles, we can select the Edit icon on the right side of the profile line. From there, the Edit window will appear (shown below).

There are five different sections:

  • Categories
    • These categories match up to Creo's native configuration editor categories. Users can select each one and see what settings are contained in them and add values if they are relevant. If the current profile is using settings within a category, the number will be indicated with a blue box.
  • Settings/Values

  • Search/Filter
  • Profile Summary
  • Edit/Delete/Save

Creo Application

Open Creo and navigate to the CadActive tab. Select the "Set Config Profile" button in the ribbon (shown below).


To upload an existing into your database, select the Upload tab and open the you're looking to upload. 

Web Application