What is Spec-Driven Piping?

Spec-Driven Piping is a module offered in PTC Creo Parametric which enabled users to generate 3D piping systems quickly and easily. 

Instead of having to manually type in pipe diameters, or find fitting models based on part number - Spec-Driven Piping offers an improved interface which allows users to simply select from a pre-defined list!

As an example.... 

WITHOUT Spec-Driven Piping... you and your CAD team had to figure out which elbows, flanges, gaskets, need to be added into a pipeline by searching by part number:

However, WITH Spec-Driven Piping, this is now a simple operation! The list of "allowable" fittings is automatically filtered based on the Spec, Size, and Schedule of your desired pipe, and you can simply pick the desired object from a list.

Although this is only one example, it helps highlight what it means to use Spec-Driven Piping. 

For more examples or additional information, please don't hesitate to reach out!