Inserting Fittings on Spec-Driven Hoses

Modified on Fri, 26 Mar 2021 at 08:32 AM

In Creo, there is a method to insert spec-driven fittings (clamps, tees, elbows, etc) directly into a spec-driven hose. When routing, instead of inserting a single point where a fitting will be, insert two points - an "in" and "out" point (as shown below).

Now that we have these two points, we can begin routing the hose the usual spec-driven way. W use a Set Start->To Pnt/Port to the first PNT from the Green Double Pump. Use the default Environment Line Shape of "Flexible with Free Length" for this segment (shown below).

For the next segment between the two points where we will insert a hose clamp fitting, we first change the Environment Line Shape to "Straight". 

We then route with a To Pnt/Port to the second "out" point, we see this segment as perfectly straight and shape of the initial hose segment shift.

Now that we have the straight length for fitting insertion, we can shift the Environment Line Shape back to "Flexible with Free Length" and route to the final coordinate system with a To Pnt/Port.

Finally, we can insert the hose clamp (or any other fitting) in the straight segment between the two points using the Insert Fitting button just like for rigid Spec-Driven Piping!

This new fitting is completely associative with the hose line - if the line changes size, so we will the fitting!

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