1. Right click on your Creo Parametric icon used to launch Creo, select "Properties"
  2. From the 'Properties' dialog box, the 'Shortcut' tab should be the first tab to appear... but if it is not for some reason, select the 'Shortcut' tab. 
  3. In the 'Start In' field, type in the full path to your desired start directory. 
  4. Click the 'OK' button to finish. 

NOTE: If launched from the "Start Menu", this shortcut will also need to be updated

Additional Notes

  • By default, Creo installs the Working Directory to be a "Public" folder, located in

  • Creo's default installation also normally places the shortcut on the "Public" desktop. 
  • This means that by default, the Creo working directory is "shared" across all profiles on the installed computer. 
  • To change this, simply delete the shortcut from the shared "Public" desktop, and re-add the shortcut icon to each individual user's desktop.

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