For whatever reason, sometimes the CadActive application doesn't start automatically upon Creo loading. It is likely due to the missing the line that calls the application (see installation step #3 here). However, there is an easy way to manually start the application once Creo has opened.

  1. In Creo, navigate to Home->Utilities->Auxiliary Applications.

2. In the Auxiliary Applications window, select the Register... button.

3. In the Register auxiliary applications window, type $localappdata into the address bar and hit enter.

4. Navigate to the CadActive folder, then to the cadactive-launcher directory. Open the "cadactive.dat" file. If you don't see the CadActive folder, you will need to install the application, see steps here.

5. You will now see the "CadActive Launcher" showing in the Auxiliary Applications. Select that item and hit Start. 

6. You will see the Status change from Not Running to Running, a second "CadActive" application also show Running, and the CadActive tab pop up in the Creo ribbon.