Updating your Creo application should be automatic! Every time the CadActive application loads, it will search for a new version, and update as-needed. 

If this does not happen automatically one of the causes is an outdated CadActive Launcher - which is the package manager. You will need to update the CadActive Launcher.

First, make sure Creo is closed.

Next in Windows Explorer, navigate to your localappdata directory and within %localappdata%\CadActive\cadactive-launcher\bin (you can copy and paste this path into your url). 

In an internet window, navigate to and download this ZIP folder here:


. Extract the contents and overwrite the DLL and PDB file of the cadactive-launcher/bin folder with the extracted DLL and PDB.

Now, when you open Creo back up, you should be prompted for any updates (if you are on an older version) - say yes to update. The first time our application updates, it will not automatically restart the application. To do this, you will need to stop and restart our application. 

Under Utilities, select Auxiliary Applications.

Stop and then Start the CadActive Launcher application.

You should see the CadActive ribbon show up now!