Most of the times, organizations with large piping databases are looking to run reports on what they have in RsysConfig. This is pretty easy to do, first go to Creo and log in. In the "Sync Piping Data", navigate to Tools->Admin Reports->Generate Report.

Next, select which report you would like to run. The Piping Spec Report references the Pipes and Fittings it contains, more information on which can be found in the Pipe Report and Fitting Report, respectively.

Next, select a name and directory where you want to save the CSV file that will download. The CSV will show information in the first four rows including a timestamp for when the report was ran. The Piping Spec report will reference Pipe and Fitting instance_id's, which will correspond to the instance_id's shown in the Pipe and Fitting Reports. 

(HINT: We recommend moving all three reports into the same CSV file as separate tabs. Then you can easily use an INDEX MATCH formula to pair the instance_id's from the other two tabs to get more visible data!)