Using CadActive, you can easily bulk rename multiple features (not PRTs or ASMs), using a common naming convention, to something else.

PRT feature changes

Either activate or open the desired PRT, navigate to the Geometry Publisher in the CadActive ribbon and under Tools, select "Rename Features". 

In this example, we will rename the 5 features outlined below, changing the "37_27" to "NEW_FEATURE_NAME". We select the "Find Names" button and enter "37_27", then select the "Replace With" button and enter "NEW_FEATURE_NAME".

When you select OK, you may need to regenerate your model for the changes to show in the model tree.

ASM feature changes

For renaming features in an ASM, you'll follow the same steps as above, but you can find the "Rename Features" in the Geometry Copier as well!