For the Admin:

The process is exactly the same as updating the license file upon your renewal. See this article for more details.

For the End User:

Download the Software

If you are looking to update your version of Creo, the first thing that you need to do is download the new version from PTC's website. This page can be accessed by clicking this link or by going to and choosing Download Software from the list of popular tasks.

Navigate to: Order or Download Software Updates > CREO PARAMETRIC and then select the version and datecode that you would like to download. Select the Download now: link for the Win64 download.

Install the Software

Once the new Creo download has completed, open the folder and run setup.exe. Ensure that "Install new software" is selected and run through the installer until you get to the License Identification page.

If there are any unwanted license sources populated under the License Summary section, remove them with either the "-" or the "X" depending on which version you are downloading. Now add the same license source that you had before, which should take the form of one of the following:

  • 7788@<Server_Name>
  • 7788@<Server_IP_Address>

The Status column should now display "Available".

**If the status shows anything other than "Available", please contact for assistance.