Installing the CadActive Launcher

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When first installing the CadActive Creo application, there is an important question to consider first: How do we want to handle updates? We are continuously releasing new versions of the CadActive application with new functionality and bug fixes, so having a strategy around how to deploy those to a team of engineers is important. There are two different ways to install the CadActive application and both have vastly different steps to complete an update. Deciding on an update strategy informs the decision on how to install the CadActive application.

Installation options for the CadActive application:

  • Directly installing a specific version. This option makes the update process slightly more complex, but is the preferred method for insuring that an entire team of engineers are working on the same release of the software.
    • Click here to find more information about installing a specific version of the CadActive application.
  • Using the CadActive Launcher to manage updates.

What is the CadActive Launcher

The CadActive Launcher is a package manager that enables one-click updates to the CadActive application. Every time that the CadActive application loads, the launcher will check to see if the current version of CadActive is the latest released version. If it is, then the application starts up as normal and you won't even notice that anything happened. If it is not the latest released version, then you will be prompted with an option to update. Selecting Yes will download and install the update automatically.


  1. Download the CadActive Launcher here
  2. Once the download is complete, copy the entire cadactive-launcher folder
  3. Navigate to the Local AppData directory (typically C:\Users\<username>\AppData\Local), create a new folder, and name it CadActive

  4. Inside of the newly created CadActive folder, paste the cadactive-launcher folder
    1. At this point, the launcher is installed and will install the CadActive application when it is run for the first time
  5. The final step is to set up the file to run the launcher when Creo starts up (more information can be found here)

Note: After the launcher is run for the first time you should see another folder (cadactive-creo) show up in the CadActive folder

If you need additional support with installing the CadActive Launcher, please email

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